Brian Newman

unnamed (2)Brian grew up in a secular, cultural Jewish family on Long Island (outside New York City). His family celebrated the Jewish holidays, he was bar mitzvah, but he was a functional agnostic. At 20 years old as a college student Brian had a dramatic conversion to Christ, which launched him into a life of serving God overseas for 20 years and now in the United States. He has worked In Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere for over 25 years.
In 2011, Brian founded The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative to bring together the three monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
Brian has earned two Master of Arts degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary – one in multi-cultural studies and the other in theology. He is married to Susy and they have two grown children, who are awesome people! (Read his blog.)

J Robert Eagan10479697_10204155484710437_1877267119734745623_n

J Robert Eagan is a teacher/writer/ activator with the Isaac Ishmael Initiative, encouraging the pursuit of shalom to Muslims, Christians, and Jews, through equipping people to engage in meaningful and open conversations and relationships across their lines of difference, in order to grow and be changed into better bearers of the image of God.  He has a Master of Arts degree  in Theology & Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.  He is a follower of Jesus, a speaker, a writer, a songwriter, a student, a teacher, a husband, a father, a son, and a brother. (Read his blog.)

Ashraf Atieh

Born and raised in a Muslim family, Ashraf was groomed from a young age to become the next leader of the family after his grandfather. He lived as a committed Muslim until the age of 15 when He started to question some ideas about God in Islam. A friend showed Ashraf what it meant to live in a Christ-like way, and spurred him to search out answers to questions about Christ. When Ashraf was 18, the Lord answered his prayers through a radio program based on a message from John 3:16. He gave his life to Christ and God showed Ashraf how He sacrificed His Son for him. Ashraf has earned two Bachelors degrees, in Law and Theology. He practiced Law for a number of years before going into ministry. Ashraf started as a Subject Matter Expert at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Lebanon, writing theological courses for Muslim background people in the Middle East and North Africa concentration.