“Reconciliation is at the heart of the Gospel and if there was ever need for reconciliation today it is between Jews and Muslims. And the agents of that reconciliation must be those who follow the One who made reconciliation possible, Jesus Christ. The Isaac Ishmael Initiative is at the forefront of this effort, equipping people to be agents of peace and to care equally for Muslims and Jews, both descendants of Abraham. I endorse this ministry. It is strategic and a welcome gift in an age of conflict and strife.”
~ T.J. Addington, Addington Consulting

“Christ’s teaching contains a vision of human flourishing that is intended for the here and now. This flourishing is possible as peace becomes a reality. Christ’s kingdom is that ‘not yet’ made present, injecting much-needed grace into a divided world. And what divides us? Fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of “the other.” As a minister in multicultural urban contexts in Europe for a decade, I saw the effects of fear first-hand. The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative adopts a posture in spaces that would otherwise be dominated by fear. This is just what the world needs. I wholeheartedly endorse The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative!”
~ Troy Cady, Founder of Playfull,
Former pastor in Madrid, Spain

“Brokenness abounds in our world today. We see evidence of it through all media channels. The world needs an authentic experience of Shalom – deep, lasting reconciliation with God and among one another.  The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative calls back to the common ground claimed by the very religions that find themselves all too often at odds, inviting them to a table of conversation which leads to understanding, respect, friendship and appreciation. Having lived and served as a Christian leader among Muslim friends, I cannot more fully endorse the valuable efforts of this world-changing initiative.”
~ Dudley Callison,  President
Center for Christian Growth

“The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative is uniquely situated to be a purveyor of peace in the world. In a world where Jewish and Muslim people’s first reflex can be separation and estrangement, and even hatred, This Initiative provides not only a voice a relational appreciation but a way forward into biblical Shalom.
~ Rob Fairbanks, Lead Pastor
Immanuel Church (Spokane, WA)

“Woven through the stories of Scripture from Hagar to Jesus’ disciples to Onesimus are invitations from God to enter into friendship and mission. What I love about the Isaac-Ishmael Initiative is how this grand participatory story is deeply embedded in the practices of this organization and its leaders.”
~ Dr. Frank Hankins
Adjunct Professor, Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, CA)

“I recently heard someone define faith as “the willingness to take risks to jump over boundaries created by mankind that keep us from one another and from God. The Isaac Ishmael Initiative is a step of great faith to jump over such boundaries.”
~ Aram Haroutunian
Hospice Chaplain (Denver, CO)

“In most conversations, it’s easiest to avoid religious discussions. The Isaac Ishmael staff not only leans into the differences between the Abrahamic religions, they genuinely seek to understand the vantage point of the other through a posture of listening.”
~ Dustin Hite, Associate Pastor
Imago Dei (Peoria, IL)

The religious and political poison of our day is fear.  And the great hope for our divided world is that love, and love alone, is bigger than our fears.  The Isaac and Ishmael Initiative not only believes this, they apply in their work.  I have learned so much from this effort and I heartily endorse their work!”
~ Dave Neuhausel, Pastor of Mobilization
Denver Community Church (Denver, CO)

“Having attended the Isaac Ishmael seminar, I walked away with more knowledge, more conviction, and more inspiration as it relates to interaction across faith lines.  It was a challenging event and one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to take a step towards greater acceptance, love, grace, and peace with ‘the other’ in their lives.”
~ Eric Potter, City Life Coordinator
Youth for Christ (Peoria, IL)

“The Isaac Ishmael Initiative reminds us that the majority of our fear-inducing news headlines today began not in the writing of a holy book, not in a war-torn city, not in an oil-field, but in a family.  This unique ministry asks: what if the next step for this family conflict was to look your brother in the eye?”
– Elizabeth Wagner
Director, Project I See You (Lakewood, CO)

“This is a new concept to me about the brothers Ishmael and Isaac being reunited. I respect this initiative and desire to be part of this reconciliation.”
~ Muslim imam, North Africa (name withheld)