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Read articles by the The Isaac-Ishmael team as well as by some of our friends and partners.

An Arab and a Jew Lament a Christian’s Words by Ashraf Atieh and Brian Newman

If 1938 Had Been Different by Brian Newman
Would my relatives had died in the Holocaust if the United States had welcomed Jewish refugees into the country?

A Letter to My Arab Friends by Brian Newman

Jesus @ a Checkpoint by Brian Newman
A series of five reflections on a week spent in Bethlehem.

Marked: Speaking Out on a Human Rights Tragedy by Brian Newman
How do we respond to persecution of religious communities?

What God Might Say to Bibi by Brian Newman

What Comes to Mind When You Hear “Islam?” by J. Robert Eagan

You Should Probably Start Considering Circumcision by J. Robert Eagan

9/11: Reconciliation Day by J. Robert Eagan

20 Questions Christians Ask About Muslims by Carl Medearis

20 Questions Muslims Ask About Christians by Carl Medearis